Finally a gentle class. Usualmente son un poco intensas para sudar rico pero aquí ya teníamos como 8 meses de embarazo así que le dimos tranqui.
    This video is great for those who want to relax the hips and lower back area.

  • TONED ARMS - 10 MIN Quick & Effective Workout

    No excuses Chicas! I was 9 months pregnant here. I could not move much but still had the energy to tone those arms. Pregnant or not, take at least 10 min to move your body every day, it will make you feel refreshed and your body and mind will smile at you.
    ¡No hay excusas chicas! Aquí estaba em...

  • GET THE LEGS - 15MIN Leg workout

    JLO legs are possible Reinas, we just have to work our butts off to get them. And a 15 MIN routine is a great start! So bring your resistance bands if you have them (not mandatory), and get ready to put those ladies to work.
    Las piernas de JLO son posibles Reinas, solo tenemos que trabajar dur...

  • GET STRONG - 13min Toned arms workout

    Time to bring your Pesas chulas! I have the lightest dumbbells 'cause they were all sold out, but bring the ones you prefer or even some beans cans should work just fine. Let's tone those arms mamas! 13MIN was just enough to get those muscles burning!

  • TWERK PLANKS - 2min booty shakin

    Who said planks were boring?

  • TONED THIGS - Leg workout

    Hey mama! Even 15-20 will make a huge difference in our mental and physical health.

    So join me is this short but really good class to help our legs get stronger.

    See you next week on our new location with a birthday celebration workout because today I turned 35 yay!


  • LOOPS - Leg workout

    A short but super effective leg, glutes and tricep workout. Bing your resistance bands with you and get ready to tone that lower body.

  • 15 MIN - ABS & ARMS Workout

    Bonus video in case you can't do a full class today but you still want to feel good about doing a bit of workout ;)