• MOM RETREAT - Healing stress session

    Hola Mamis! I am back, I appreciate all of you so much for being patient with this project. Having a second child has been a little harder than expected. I hope you enjoy this session and remember to reach out anytime.


    Finally a gentle class. Usualmente son un poco intensas para sudar rico pero aquí ya teníamos como 8 meses de embarazo así que le dimos tranqui.
    This video is great for those who want to relax the hips and lower back area.

  • TONED ARMS - 10 MIN Quick & Effective Workout

    No excuses Chicas! I was 9 months pregnant here. I could not move much but still had the energy to tone those arms. Pregnant or not, take at least 10 min to move your body every day, it will make you feel refreshed and your body and mind will smile at you.
    ¡No hay excusas chicas! Aquí estaba em...

  • GOOD VIBES and COSA BUENA | 20 MIN Low Impact Cardio Dance Workout

    This class was created when I was 7 months pregnant, however, it was not only made for preggo Mamas. ANYONE can join! Enjoy some of my fav summer songs filled with good vibes and bring your favorite weight tool (dumbells, food cans, water bottles, babies...) We will be working out our upper body ...

  • SHINE BRIGHT - 30MIN Pride Party Dance Workout

    We should celebrate diversity every single day!!! But especially during pride month! I admire you, respect you, and cheer at you for having the courage to stand up for who you are, and who you love.

    Join our dance party and let's shine bright together!

  • STRONG MAMA - 20MIN Cardio & Weights Dance Workout

    A fun medium intensity class for anyone really! Bring your weights and get ready to sweat! If you are a pregnant mama in the mood for some cardio and looking out to strengthen those muscles, this class was specially made for you.


    Who said pregnant mamis can't do cardio? I say yes we can!* wohoo! This medium intensity low impact cardio workout, will shake all your anxiety away and lift your spirit!

    *Of course check with your doctor first, and listen to your body to avoid over-exhaustion. You can also always press pause be...

  • ECSTATIC DANCE - 25 MIN Liberating Movement Experience

    Come shake up your soul and practice some cardio with this class inspired by the amazing Ecstatic Dance Parties! Get those endorphines flowing with truly beautiful music that will make your body dance, so let it dance you! Ecstatic dance is all about moving freely to connect your mind and body. W...

  • BDAY BASH - 20 MIN Dance Party Workout

    Hey Mama! if today is your BDAY or your kid's bday, or none of that but you just feel like celebrating the day, this class is for you, as always filled with good vibes! This is a medium cardio intensity workout, with some strength exercises using our weights. Bring also a piece of cloth, shirt, ...


    I couldn't help to laugh when I watched this video, trying to look sexy with this belly is not an easy task. The good news is, this is NOT about how we look while dancing, it's about how we FEEL!!! And I assure you if you just follow along some of these moves you will finish the class feeling emp...

  • DO's & Don'ts - 5min Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

    A must watch video for our pregnant Mamas. Here are some exercises to avoid during pregnancy and ideas of modifications.

    Remember, every body is different so the best recommendation is to listen to your body and slow down whenever you feel the need to.
    We recommend our classes after the 1st tr...

  • 35MIN Low impact + Cardio Folk Rock Workout

    De-stress and Unwind with this unique workout inspired by folk rock music, with songs from one of my favorite bands "Mumford & Sons" and "Jose Gonzales", including the song we played when Emilio came into this world.
    This class was all about EXPANDING ourselves from the inside out, stretching ou...

  • PERRITO | 30min Mom + baby intense cardio dance workout

    An oldie but goodie super fun TBT class featuring songs like the inolvidable "Baile del perrito", "Abusadora", and "Danza Kuduro". Bring your weights or food cans to level up your workout.
    Don't forget to stay hydrated! Cause we are going to sweat all our stress out!

  • CONGA - Salsa dance workout

    Oye mi cuerpo pidió salsa! Yes! Join this super fun medium intensity salsa special! Great for mamas with small babies and also big kiddos.
    You can do this class if you are pregnant just remember to avoid lifting weight (or toddlers) and switch our ABS crunches for leg work.

    Emilio was a...

  • GET THE LEGS - 15MIN Leg workout

    JLO legs are possible Reinas, we just have to work our butts off to get them. And a 15 MIN routine is a great start! So bring your resistance bands if you have them (not mandatory), and get ready to put those ladies to work.
    Las piernas de JLO son posibles Reinas, solo tenemos que trabajar dur...

  • LET THAT SH*T GO - Hight Intensity Anger busting workout

    Use your fury as FUEL and let's SWEAT it all out! Join us for a high intensity kick-box / rock concert inspired workout. Safe class for our pregnant mamas, just stay on low impact mode and slow down as needed. Have LOTS of water and allow yourself to TRANSFORM that anger and stress into a gracefu...

  • SURRENDER - 23min Relaxing flexibility Workout

    Time to decompress mamas! Get ready to relax and stretch every ligament of your body. This class is also great to get you ready for labor, if you are pregnant, or to improve anyone's digestion. I hope you enjoy it!

  • SHOW UP - 30min Low Impact dance workout

    A fun easy to follow class to uplift your mood!

  • GET STRONG - 13min Toned arms workout

    Time to bring your Pesas chulas! I have the lightest dumbbells 'cause they were all sold out, but bring the ones you prefer or even some beans cans should work just fine. Let's tone those arms mamas! 13MIN was just enough to get those muscles burning!

  • COUPLES / FAMILY Workout - 25min HIIT Strength

    Esta buenaza! Just convince your partner to try it (I know you can) and PLEASE send over a video, family pic or boomerang! You will make my day! Bring your dumbbells (pesas) if you have. Having snacks on the side for the kids is also a good idea ;)

  • TWERK PLANKS - 2min booty shakin

    Who said planks were boring?

  • PARTY ROCK - 30min Dance party workout

    A birthday celebration for my nephew Diego with his fav song Party Rock and some Disney and Frozen additions. Believe me you will enjoy it as well.

    Dedicated to my hero mamas who have multiple kids.

    Tiny babies, toddlers and big kids, are all welcome to join the party!

    Bring you weights or f...

  • CANCUN VIBES - 25min Low impact dance workout

    Enjoy this 20 min low impact class recorded from Cancun, Mexico.

  • DEMBOW- 30min Low impact full body dance workout

    Shake all your stress away with this sweaty low impact workout. Great class for our pregnant mamas!! +BONUS kid's song (in salsa version of course).